Clash Royale Gems & Gold Pass




Clash Royale invites you to step into the Arena! Craft your Battle Deck and outwit opponents in thrilling real-time battles. Developed by the creators of Clash of Clans, this multiplayer battle game features beloved Clash characters and more. Engage in fast-paced battles against players worldwide and prove your skills on the global stage!

To recharge Clash Royale with Gamemandu:

  1. Enter Your Player Tag: Provide your Clash Royale Player Tag to ensure the purchase is credited to the correct account.
  2. Select the Product: Choose the product you wish to purchase, such as gems, chests, or other in-game items.
  3. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method from the options available.
  4. Click ‘Checkout’: Once you’ve confirmed your selection and payment details, proceed to checkout.


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